We live in Southern California and adopted two of the most beautiful and healthy French Bulldog Puppies from Black Oak! The Best French Bulldog Breeders!

We are considered to be the best French Bulldog Breeders from the wonderful people who have our French Bulldog Puppies in California!

We drove from Seattle Washington to  Oregon to meet the most loving French Bulldog Breeders! Well worth the trip, we saw the most amazing French Bulldog Puppies, and now have been blessed with one of our own. Thank you Black Oak French Bulldogs!

There were no French Bulldog Breeders here in Colorado that we liked. We found Black Oak French Bulldogs in Oregon and flew there to get our new French Bulldog Puppies...We brought home a brother and a sister!

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We are located on 20 wooded acres in the mountains of Oregon where the air is fresh and the water runs clean and clear. 

Our French Bulldogs live life beautifully here throughout the four seasons.

We gladly hand deliver puppies to West Coast locations.

We as well welcome you to fly in and personally escort your new puppy home with you!

All Black Oak French Bulldogs come with a Customer Pet Record and Health Guarantee.

In an additional effort to protect and insure the safety of our

French Bulldog Puppies we only offer them Spayed and Neutered.

These magnificent French Bulldogs are our family and we treat them as such.

We are a small hobby breeder and have only a couple of litters each year, this allows the time and dedication needed for our special little ones to be properly raised.

Keeping it small, keeps it sacred which stays true to Black Oak’s integrity.

The personality traits and temperaments of our French Bulldogs shine through. 

They walk with their heads held high, confident and proud, while radiating an enthusiastic love like none other.

If you feel passionately interested about welcoming one of our amazing French Bulldogs into your family, please feel free to contact us.

Include a phone number where you can be reached, some information about yourself,  home environment and an idea of the life one

of our puppies would have in your care.

A preferred handful of people will be chosen to receive pups, we will consider those who would be as loyal to them as they will be to you.

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Strong, healthy, able bodied French Bulldogs with intelligent minds and loving spirits is what we strive to create. 

Focused and abundantly loyal with the heart of a lion,

contributes towards being a great guard dog as well.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Then we hope the ones you’ll see will tell you our story by showing you the great love and respect we have for all things beautiful.

With an appreciation and an eye for 

magnificent beauty, the Black Oak

French Bulldogs clearly have a distinctive essence.

The “Wow’s!” our animals get always brings a huge smile!

Together, we share the freedom to romp and play daily throughout the forest, to always feel the sun as it shines, to run in the rain and when the snow arrives...

It’s time to really play!




From day one we have always

maintained our respect for our

French Bulldog Puppies.

We have never condoned nor ever will provide any other breeder with a stud service or one of our offspring. 

This keeps it special and stays true to

Black Oak’s style being uniquely our own.

It’s nice to feel a sense of security.