Hey Jenn,


Cy is doing good, he is probably the most loved dog in SF ha ha.  All of our friends joke that they are going to steal him because everyone has fallen in love with him.  He is still an absolute sweet heart. 

He is starting to get more playful and we have been getting good weather and out to the park and didn't realize how quick he is.  Not just always laying down and sleeping like before, little guy has gotten much more playful, which has been fun. 

He is definitely growing too, think he is 25-30 pound range now, he is a pretty big guy.  Well sorry been pretty busy, will try and get you a few pics from the other weekend when we took him to the park for a BBQ. 

Hope all is well with you and your pups. 





As our French Bulldog Puppies are handed to their new families, these
wonderful moments captured are a reminder of the love we continue to share
and the words that follow are truly something we cherish the most.  

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Super Chunk hit 24 lbs. today!!!  

Our Vet is in love with him and has been sending pics to her friends...  We get asked about you at least 2-3 times per day depending on what we are doing, everyone agrees that they prefer how stout Super Chunk is to the other French Bulldogs they have seen.  Also, we are beginning to see his personality unfold and it is so cool!  He is an explorer,  he loves to tour our property, and on our walks he enjoys going off the path and sniffing all kinds of stuff.  With people, he says hi to everyone, kids especially, they already know him by name in Lowes, and our friends look forward to holding him.  With our dogs, he has integrated himself becoming the beloved pup of our pack, the same with my parents dogs...   

Ruthie and I often talk about our visit to Black Oak and we tell all interested parties about the way you interact with your pack and how much of a difference it makes in the pups health, disposition and attitude.  

We are so happy, he is growing up awesome and is happy all of the time.  Thank you for matching us up and for being there for us when we have questions.  People always comment on his coloring, saying they have never seen a Frenchie like him... Each time we hear this, we think of you and silently thank you for your trust and for giving us such a rare pup. 

Hope all is well, and that you are doing great!


OH MY GOD! I love her so much, Jenn!

She is so sweet, sensitive, playful and independent! I cried when we drove away because I just feel so blessed to have found my little Vida girl...all because of you! You are a truly special soul and thank you for everything that you just brought into my life. 


My little V V Girl is on my lap sleeping as I type this.

She's my little baby. My soul sister! Thank you so much for bringing her into my life.

Thank you again for my little Vida! I love her beyond words.

She's my baby!!!

I'll send you pics and I'll be in touch!

Lots of love,

Ash & Vidmeisterdeluxe


There are more Beautiful French Bulldog Puppies also with their families whom’s images and stories we are excited to share with you soon!   If you would like to inquire about possibly adopting one of our Quality French Bulldog Puppies please feel free to reach out anytime.

Jenn-  We are doing great!  You will be happy to know that like his mother he likes the water! He jumped in the duck pond two days ago and got his legs and tummy wet!  I"ll have to watch him around deeper bodies of water. He spent yesterday playing with Oscar, my son's Maltese.  They were both exhausted!!!  He has made friends with the two Cockapoos down the street!   Both girls who are obviously taken by his manly physique!!!  Everyone he meets thinks he is so handsome and sweet! He is really quite mellow for a puppy!  I say this after being down on the floor wrestling with him!!!   I think he thinks I am an overgrown French bulldog!!!  We are headed off for a hike in the hills.   He is house trained now and has had no accidents in the house for days!   He is a very smart little dog!  He knows which house is his.  He is very curious about everything!  He has to greet every workman that is on the street. 

Everyone thinks that I got a prize!! I agree! I may need another one from the next litter!!!!




Jenn-  Henry has discovered the joys of knitting today!   I found him on the bed with a ball of yarn happily rolling it off the bed then retrieving it!  He went to the vet today and has his rabies shot and of course got a clean bill of health! He weighs 30 lbs! A big boy! He is an adorable cuddler!!!!


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An update on our daughter...she struggled missing you and her "other" family.  She wouldn't eat and wouldn't potty.  She was very subdued.  She loves you and misses you.  That was obvious.  We compensated with around the clock love and empowerment.  After 4 or 5 days of moping, she is happy and doing well.  In addition to an amazing dog, she is part monkey, part cat, and part gardner. She climbed into one of our pots outside and posed as if "this is my perch to check out this wonderful backyard." Tonight she literally helped me dig in that pot.  Also, we had my son's dog over today and a rabbit wandered into the back yard.  Three dogs (Daisy included) chasing a rabbit was so funny...I almost peed myself.  


Seriously, Hamish is so amazing.  We definitely spoil him, but in a good way.  He LOVES being in bed with us, and can lounge around and sleep in but then when we are outside or hiking he is ON!  

He is very car and home protective, but if we go to a dog park he knows it is playtime, etc.  He is the best looking boy ever, but more importantly so brave, and sweet.  He can hop up onto our laps now when we are sitting and loves to snuggle.  My horse Pel loves him, but we have to watch him when he is near Bishop the mule.  However, this weekend Bishop seemed to warm up a little more to him, he is the most wonderful puppy. Whatever it is that you do, it works. 

We think of you often because if not for you, we would not have this amazing spirit in our lives. Thank you again.

Best wishes and a big hug,

You are the best Jen!








She was a delight on the car ride home - she slept with her head on Viola's lap for most of the trip, and was very curious when she got home - she explored for a lot of the evening. She loves snuggling with all of us, which has been amazing - Eric cuddled with her for a long time before bedtime. She is an amazing sleeper - she slept through the night without a peep in our room, and has been checking out her surroundings all day. 

Hi Jennifer,

It was a pleasure meeting you the other day, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We are all crazy about Henry Stout!  He is a fabulous puppy- he's confident, happy and loves both people and other dogs.  Thank you again for raising him so beautifully!  He is a very sweet, sturdy little fellow! 

He has quickly become part of the family here and I think he is happy.  (He does miss all of you, of course!)

I love the photos - thank you for sending them to me.  

What a day that was!

All the best,


Lastly, for tonight anyways, something truly special happened.  I rented the movie "War Horse." When Daisy saw horses on the screen she immediately started barking and making a strange sound like her daddy did at the park. It was absolutely precious.  I had to watch the first 15 minutes in silence until she fell asleep on my lap.  

She is an amazing dog.  She is loved beyond belief, but she is so easy to love.  

Thank you so much for her.  We will always be grateful to you.  She is part of our family and so are you.

Eternally grateful and loving our new daughter.  Alec and Dana

You have seriously outdone yourself!!  THANK YOU very much for all of the photos!!

I see so much happiness, and amazement in these photos as I look at our faces.  I think I was thinking...oh my god, I haven't had a puppy in ten years.  Just seeing how little and absolutely adorable they are as babies always leaves me dumbfounded.

Words can't thank you enough for all you have blessed us with. I've gotta run and find Mr. 4 legs...talk to you soon.

We took her to the vet this morning, and everybody swooned over her at the office. She got a clean bill of health, and has played and explored with the girls most of the day (who were home from school today because of the holiday). She really is the sweetest, calmest little girl, and we just smile every time we look at her.

I can't tell you how much joy she already has brought us!

We can't thank you enough. We'll continue to send pictures...


Hey Jenn,

Flea is doing great!  My god he is a pooping machine. He's so funny...such a lover.  Vida is a little instigator.  They are getting more mischievous by the day.  Ash went to Mexico for the weekend so I had the pleasure of watching both of the little rascals.

We took Flea in for his Doctor visit last week and he was 11 lbs.

Vida was 8lbs 7ounces I think.  Both very healthy...Flea is still a lazy butt with his ears...hopefully he decides its time for them to go up this week.

Hey Jenn,


We are definitely enjoying Cy! He has been amazing, he has already won my heart.  Sweetest little puppy ever, all he wants to do is cuddle. 

I wanted to let you know I referred you to someone I met at a park today as well.  They fell in love with Cy and was wondering where we got him so I passed along your number.  I hope I can help out in any way.  We would definitely recommend you because you gave us the best dog a guy could ask for. 

Thanks again for the nice words and pictures, and bringing us a new best friend. 

Take care and we will definitely be in touch.


Hi Jenn,

Happy New Year to you!!!  George continues to be the sweetest, most wonderful Puppy I could have dreamed of.  He never leaves my side, loves our daily nature walks and makes the cutest noises.  I love how he snuggles, and if he’s not close enough, he balances himself on his bum and then just free falls onto me.  It’s adorable!! 

I love Gentle George!  Thank you once again for giving me this privilege! 

I wish you and yours a year filled with joy, love and peace.


Thank you so much for the wonderful photos of our BIG day!  You are so sweet just like my little man Gentle George.  He is such an angle,  I love having him sleep next to me at night, we call him the puppy furnace because he keeps me so warm.  He’s adjusting beautifully to city life and loves the beach and the Presidio.  My Vet thought he is perfectly healthy and adorable.  She loved his markings and, said it was quite rare to see his coloring.  Everyone LOVES him!  I took him to work this week and all of the kids and parents were thrilled he’s joined the practice.  He is so incredibly GENTLE and loving.  I can’t imagine my life without him!

Thank you again for this gift.

Much love,

A few photos, I wish they were better quality because they do not capture

the pride I feel of that little Frenchie when I take her to volunteer at the senior center.


We go every Sunday and visit with seniors of all levels of dementia. There are some very lonely, very happy, very lost and some very forgotten... but I will tell you that when they see Isabelle- their face lights up and is FULL

of the most vibrant life you've ever seen. She is their star and mine as well.

And Jennifer,  SHE LOVES IT. She is the most calm, adaptable and caring soul offering such comfort with very little effort. She is just out of this

world amazing.  Her spirit is one that touches the lives of many and I cannot thank you enough for this little gem who's made such a great impact in our lives and the lives of many others.


I'll certainly keep you posted on her volunteering efforts, as this is just the beginning.  As for Jada, she is just as lovable as always. She is a little more anxious than Isabelle. Although she possesses that very same, loving spirit. Jada is a DEEP lover. Her sensitivity is like no other and she feels like you wouldn't believe. I know she would have a great affect on the members of

the senior home as well and I certainly plan on seeing how she feels about visiting in the future as well. At her own pace.

And little Sophia remains the "Queen Mama" of them all she watches over her girls and her love knows no bounds. We are blessed.



I really have it in for this little guy, I keep looking at his picture and can't get any work done. LOL.  We will take tons of pictures when we first meet him and send them to you. I know it is hard for you to say goodbye to your "Art"...that's what these little loves are "Jennifer's Artwork" but you will always be part of our family with Kona and Stone, I think we are going to call him Stone Horse 2 in honor of his dad.  Moon doggies rock!


Here is a picture of Kona Wind and Abielle at the dog park last week. 

We had a “Frenchie meet-up” and of course, Kona was the star of the show. She is actually now famous in our area.  When she shows up at the dog park, we can hear people saying, “Oh Kona is here!”… She is so loved!

Life here is great.  Stone II is getting bigger and bigger.  He and Kona are like little two year olds, always wanting what the other has.  Kona will not take anything away from Baby Stone, so she sits right next to him and cries.  It is so funny. Then they get the puppy zooms and we have to hold on for dear life.   Life is amazing with them. They are famous!  Stone II has a girl friend but he really has eyes only for his sister.   Hope you and the ranch are well.  Love, C