He's decided to name him..."Cy"! A great reminder of his phenomenal moment. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and of course your new puppy too! Thank you Tim.

Enjoy your amazing journey!

Tim and long time best friend, Sean, welcome new best friend, "Cy" White Cloud. We are very proud to welcome you into our wonderful  Black Oak Family!

What a fun, loving and wonderful new beginning for these three.  “Silver Horse” is destined to have an incredible life.   You represent our Black Oak French Bulldog family extremely well!  Thank You, Michael and Wendy!

Congratulations to the Peck Family! Being great friends with Jayme and Lisa has led to your new addition.  How incredible that your two puppies, who are brothers,  will  continue to have the opportunity to play together.  Have fun and enjoy! Thank you.

Oregon French bulldogs

Arrowhead is right where she needed to be.  Your “Annie” has become your angel, and vice versa.  What an unlimited amount of joy  and love you have brought to each other.  This is what it’s all about here at Black Oak.  She couldn’t be in better hands.  Thank you to the entire Baer family!

Portland Oregon French bulldogs

We’d like to especially thank Jayme and Lisa!  We consider you the matriarchs of the Black Oak family!  You have provided Brave Paw with such a warm and special home, and we couldn’t be happier for you all!  Thank you for staying in touch.  We have so enjoyed the pictures and updates on how your “Leo” is doing.

These guys were made for each other! Congratulations Joshua and Mohawk.  Just back from Iraq, what a way to celebrate. Welcome home!

Thank you for serving our country!

french Bulldog puppies in Eugene Oregon

Congratulations to Debbie and daughter, Krystal. Bringing home a baby sister for Sophia! Many fun and exciting days are ahead with this little girl. We are so very happy for you all. Thank You.

The beautiful people who have Black Oak’s amazing puppies are now a part of our Black Oak French Bulldog Family.  As puppies are handed to their new owners, these wonderful moments captured are a constant reminder of the love we are sharing.  Enjoy our photo gallery showing these incredible times in our new family members’ lives, knowing that you may have the opportunity to experience the same. 

White Cloud

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Making the best placement for our French Bulldog Puppies is our highest priority. Interested parties please contact us, tell us about yourself and your home environment.  Paint us a picture of the life one of our puppies would have in your care!  We prefer to make a personal connection with our applicants, so please do call or include a phone number with your introduction.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Extended French Bulldog Family

Silver Horse


Lake Oswego, Oregon French Bulldogs and Puppies
Tim Lincecum with his French Bulldog Cy
San Francisco Giants World Series and two time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum and his French Bulldog
French Bulldog puppy
Cutest French Bulldog Puppy in San Francisco
Cy French Bulldog Puppy
The best French Bulldog puppies in Oregon
Brave Paw French Bulldog Puppy
Washington French Bulldog puppies
French Bull Dog Puppies

Brave Paw


Dream Catcher

Ghost Dancer

Seattle Washington Puppies French Bulldog
Best looking French Bulldog in Washington state


Perfect French Bulldog breed
Loving picture, French Bulldog Puppy
They said we are the best French Bulldog breeders in Oregon
They said we have the best French Bulldog puppies in Portland, Oregon

Apache and Navajo

Our special french bull dog puppy from Black Oak French Bulldogs

We can truly say that these special people are a part of our family tree!  Congratulations Melissa, Jason and Pearl.  Thank you for providing an exceptional home for our little girl, your new “Niko”.  Your time and energy at Black Oak, as well, was much appreciated.

Our French Bulldogs now lives in Eugene, Oregon
Little Eagle French Bulldog Puppy


Our California French Bulldog family
Our Perfect french bulldog
The best French Bulldog puppies in Monterey, California
The best French Bulldog puppies in Napa Valley, California
Loving French Bulldog Breed
They said we are the best French Bulldog breeders in Napa Valley, California

Oh, Ashleigh, you patiently waited so long for your Black Oak puppy to arrive!  The look on your face, and the loving embrace indeed shows that the wait was SO worth it!  Enjoy your “Lily” and your wonderful Ryan, too.

They said we are the best French Bulldog breeders in California

This gathering was nothing short of a miracle!  We needed one, and so did you.  These two girls are, indeed, “Soul Sisters” and needed to stay together.  You all,  lovingly, welcomed them both into your home and your hearts.  What an incredible amount of love has been shared because of these fabulous French Bulldogs! 

Divine Intervention, to say the least! 

Many thanks, Prien Family,  from the very bottom of our hearts!  Enjoy the girls!

The best French Bulldog puppies in California
Dream Catcher French Bulldog Puppy
Our French Bulldogs now lives in Bellevue, Washington
Dream Catcher French bulldog pup


We have the best French Bulldog puppies in Seattle, Washington
They said we are the best French Bulldog Breeders in Seattle, Washington

White Hawk

White Hawk French Bulldog Puppy

What a stylin' couple! Not only do they have good taste in dogs, but in music as well.  May you all live a happy and healthy life together. Congratulations again Taemi and Nath....Rock-N-Roll!

Cheers to these wonderful three!

To Forrest, Kimmy and Ashley, who have truly given us an experience.

For us to know that these two pups will have the opportunity to grow up together,  remaining family forever, warms our hearts beyond words.

Thank you for making our great Black Oak French Bulldog Family that much better!

Geronimo and Red Wind

Can you see the resemblances?

Here’s the ultimate example of family unity!  A brother and a sister adopting a brother and a sister. 

We would have to say that these two beautiful redheads, Red Wind “Vida” and Ashley were, without a doubt, made for one another. 

They mirror each other quite well.


Geronimo, now your little Red Hot Chili Pepper “Flea”,  is exactly where he was meant to be.  Perfectly!

The rhythm and bass just got funky for Forrest!  Have fun with your little

“Beef Chief”.